Welcome Letter

Dear Candidate

Thank you for your interest in Wokingham Borough Council. I am very proud of the Borough and the work that we are doing as a Council to serve our residents and businesses. Wokingham is generally an excellent place to live, work and to invest in but we want to make it a better place for everyone.

The organisation has gone through substantial change in the last 2 to 3 years, as a result of the 21st century model and change at chief executive, Corporate Leadership Team (CLT) and political leader level. Therefore, since my arrival in April 2019, I have focused on understanding the organisation; being visible, providing stability, leadership and setting the direction for the organisation. With an emphasis on:

  • Becoming an outcome focused organisation e.g. designed with residents in mind; intelligence led; listening; learning; adaptive and risk aware.
  • Ensuring strategic and intelligence led decision making e.g. utilising insight (e.g. understanding local population; needs; clusters) with intelligent research (e.g. latest innovations; what works) to inform strategy and delivery – with impact being assessed and evaluated. And at the same time we continuously listen and learn.
  • Enabling a shift in organisational culture, with values and standards, which is part of addressing ‘how things are done around here’.
  • Ensuring the council is in a position to meet its ambitions and respond to the financial challenges that it faces in the future. Moreover, this is a proactive change to improve the council’s position and to continue to improve services to residents, putting their interests at the heart of the organisation.

So if you are a commercially-driven and socially-minded leader you should seriously consider joining our team. We have achieved much already but there is still much more to do; across the organisation, with our partners and stakeholders and for our communities.

The role of Assistant Director Neighbourhood & Communities is a critical role to lead, manage, develop, and drive a new approach to our ‘Localities’ proposition for our customers (residents) via a sizable customer facing team, who provide the main contact and access point for a wide range of frontline services.  Helping to rethink the councils place in the community, the role will drive continuous improvement by implementing changes to roles, working practices, culture and services to make a positive difference to the outcomes for our Communities.

I hope the pages which follow will strengthen your interest in Wokingham Borough as a unique place to be, and a great place to work.

Yours faithfully


Susan Parsonage, Chief Executive